Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Fujisan Update

Liang's version of the Fujisan trip:

    Hehe... Fujisan wasn't too bad on the way up.. the stick is a huge lifesaver. I took a triple dose of drugs (my medication), so I felt fine. I got to the top 2:30am, just before it started raining. It was so cold up there, and the inns were closed till about 3:30am, I felt like a homeless person trying to sleep on the alcove of a inn =( Lesson: A single layer of pants is NOT enough. I was trying to wait for you guys, since you said you were starting 7pm, I expected you to come up sooner. There was a lot of mist up there, and there were enough people/inns that I never got to see Sam, who claimed he came around 5am. The sunrise was utter crap, nothing could be seen through the clouds. Major disappointment. I got some (expensive) food, some omiyage, and the stamp at the shrine at the top. The weather was only getting worse, so I started descending about 7:30am. Descending was a bitch, much worse than climbing. It took a whole 5 hours and 30min till I reached 5th station. I was totally soaked, covered with volcanic dirt, and felt like shit. I split a soaked 10,000 yen bill with Sam, giving us both enough to make it back home. The end. Despite not being able to take those wonderful sunrise pics I was expecting, I'm happy I survived.

    Lessons learned: NEVER climb fuji-san again.
    And in case I ever do again, 1. Bring ONLY 2L water. 350-500yen per 500ml bottle isn't bad at all, comparable to American movie theaters and theme parks. 2. Don't bring too much food. I am so fsking sick of calorie mate, which I didn't even get to finish. 3. Bring lots of yen, fuji-san will cost easily 15,000 yen counting transportation 4. Bring completely waterproof gear.. god i was screwed here 5. Bring really really warm stuff (screwed again). 6. Boots are go. Those volcanic pebbles nearly killed me up there. 7. Get NTT Docomo Keitai for fuji.. it's the only service that works reliably.

    On the way back.. I felt like a soldier returning from the battlefield. I noticed how happy and excited looking all the climbers were, just like how I was yesterday. I warned a couple of them.. "Turn back! Turn back while you still have the chance!!" XP

Wow, that last quote sounds just like that crazy old granny we met at the beginning of the trail! Haha.

Quote of the Day: "....immediately ninja-patch it so warlocks aren't gimper than Christopher Reaves at a stairclimbing contest...." --WoW beta forums, regarding the latest "World of WarCraft" patch


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