Saturday, August 28, 2004

The Last Days

Damn, these last few days have been hectic.

I gave my final project presentation in front of my group on Friday morning but pulled an all-nighter in the middle of the week to try to wrap everything together. That's right, I stayed in the office all Wednesday night and worked my way straight into and through Thursday! There was an annoying bug that I was trying to solve, and also the task of drafting the final documentation so the rest of my team and future team members can understand what I did and add to it as they see fit.

Friday afternoon felt like graduation!

Saturday, I finally fulfilled one of my trip goals and found and visited a Pokemon Center. I went to the one by Tokyo Station (apparently there are a few scattered around Japan). There was a 30-minute wait in a line winding outside for half a block just to get in; it was nuts! The inside had all the Pokemon merchandise you could ever buy, and they were blasting Pokemon music (BGM melodies from the games) can call me lame, but I played the original games and man was it nostalgic. The only thing that was missing was Nurse Joy.

Sunday, I underestimated how much my にもつ would slow me down and made it onto the Narita Express two minutes before it took off from 新宿駅. Holy crap that was close....lesson learned.

Quote of the Day: "First you learn the Japanese language. Then you use it a lot and learn how the Japanese use the language. Then you will start to understand how the Japanese think and what it means to be Japanese." --Hassan Hajji, my mentor at IBM who came to Japan 7 years ago from Morocco without knowing any Japanese


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